Tyger Hunt 37 &  
  Ale to the Victors 8  

A North Woods event in the heart of Roaring Wastes


Interested in the SCA?

Also known as  
Historic Fort Wayne Medieval Days  

July 11-12 2020


(updated 15Jan2020)




6299 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209*


$10 per adult* 

Feast $10*

This is an event doubling as a demo so let’s look sharp!  




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by Ron Lutz




Located at Historic Fort Wayne  


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  Activity Map  

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Tyger Hunt on Saturday / Ale to the Victors on Sunday


All weekend members: $10 per adult, $1 per child up to 18

  Sunday only members: Free / Donations accepted  
  - Free breakfast Saturday and Sunday included for members only* (Served 8-10 am)  
  All weekend non-members: $15 per adult, $1 per child up to 18  

Sunday only non-members: Free / Donations accepted

  Feast: $10 / Members only* / Limit 75  
  - Includes dishes made during cooking demo  

*Historic Fort Wayne policy

  Site opens at 12 noon Friday, 10 July  
  You can drive into the fort to load and unload at any time EXCEPT 10 AM to 4 PM, Saturday and Sunday  
  Pavilion and tent placement inside the fort MUST be approved by the event steward  
  There will be regular tournaments all weekend  

               ALL INSIDE THE FORT!

  Armored combat - Rapier combat - Archery - Thrown weapons - Youth Combat  
                 ALL INSIDE THE FORT!  

 Site opens at 12 pm Friday for set-up


Pre-Reg* make payable to:

SCA, Inc-The Riding of Hawkland Moor

Mail to:

Bob Scheltema
    4262 Dickson Dr

Lunch Tavern

  Sterling Hts, MI 48130



*No pre-reg discount. Sorry.

  Saturday Schedule
  9 am to 5 pm - Tyger Hunt Activities




     •Rapier Schedule

     •Armored Schedule (TBA)
       •Archery All Day
       •Youth Combat Schedule (TBA)
  10 am - Open to public

11 am & 2 pm - Organized public tour (Put on a show!)

  4 pm - Closed to public
  5 pm - Court (at TREs discretion)

6 pm - Feast


7 pm - Revelry & Ale to the Victors BREWING AND VINTNING Competition

  12 midnight - Ghost tour
  Sunday Schedule  
  >Ale to the Victors 8<  
  The fort is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm (The Historic Fort Wayne Coalition expects anywhere from 250-1000 people will pass through).  
  Pet friendly (on leash). No pets allowed in barracks or gym.  
  The site is bone dry during public hours. After 4 pm the site will be discretely damp. Bring your own beverage (and some to share. It is rumored that Battlefield Brewery will have a presence).  
  The fort conducts two guided tours, one at 11 am and one at 2 pm. At these times we will "put on a show" (For instance a grand melee). The Baron and Baroness of North Woods may have a very short court at theses times. There will be some all day demo stations set up (woodworking, black smithing, cooking, fiber arts, armor try-on, etc.). Assistance with these stations would be greatly appreciated. The cooking demo will become the evening's feast after the public leaves.  
  Pavilions and pop-ups are allowed inside of the fort during public hours.  
  Camping overnight is allowed and encouraged. Mundane tents can be set-up inside of the fort after 4 pm but must be removed before the public arrives on Sunday. We will have a space allocated outside of the fort if you desire to leave your mundane tent up all weekend.

Lots of indoor crash space is available.


Inside the historic barracks: Bring a mattress / cot / bed roll and you can sleep on the floor on the first floor of the barracks or you can use one of the bunk beds upstairs that won't fit an averaged sized male but should be just fine for the average sized female. Did I mention the barracks is heated and air conditioned? However everything must be cleared out of the barracks before the public arrives.

Inside the gymnasium: The gym is located just outside the fort. Claim some space and leave it there all weekend.

Mundane camping: There is open space between the gym and fort where mundane tents can be put up and left up all weekend.

  Bring your raised fire pits - firewood provided for free.

There are modern flush toilets inside the barracks.

Cars will be allowed inside of the fort for unloading and loading only during non-public hours.

For lunch there will be a commercial hot dog stand available on site during public hours.

  All merchants are welcome. Bring your own pavilion or set up inside the barracks. Please contact the merchant liaison listed below.  
  Oh yea. There is one shower available on-site.  






Event Steward:

Master Maximilian der Zauberer  
    scheltem at yahoo dot com    

Head Chef:

Baroness Catherine of Deva  
  catherineofdeva at aol  dotcom    

Rapier Combat Marshal in Charge:

Warder Michael McCay  
    bmfiande at mtu dot edu    

Armored Combat Marshal in Charge:

Sergeant Vigfuss Mjoksiglandi  
    excessivenoise112 at yahoo dot com  

Youth Combat Marshal in Charge:

Master Nyilas Kazmer  

Archery Marshal in Charge:

Countess Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill  

Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge:

Lord Ivarr of Altenburg  

Merchant Liaison

THL Damiana Isabel Cardona  
    elftaiz at ameritech dot net    
  6299 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209
  -Take your best route to exit 46 off of I-75
  -Turn South onto Livernois (One way road)
  -Drive past the quaint architecture facades that are unfortunately typical of Detroit
  -Livernois will take you straight to the security gate