Ale to the Victors 8


Sunday, July 12, 2020


(Otherwise known as day 2 of Tyger Hunt)


(updated 10Jul19)


6299 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209*


Sunday only non-members: Free / Donations accepted

This is an event doubling as a demo so let’s look sharp!  

Ale to the Victors is similar to Rose Tourney but anyone with a “brass hat” (Duke / Duchess, Count / Countess, Court or Landed Baron / Baroness) can sponsor a team. Each team will compete in a variety of challenges and every member of the team can compete in each challenge if they are authorized to do so. There will be the standard youth and adult rapier and armored, plus thrown weapons and archery competitions, but there will also be an A&S mystery box challenge and a Service obstacle course.


All weekend members: $10 per adult, $1 per child up to 18

  Sunday only members: Free / Donations accepted  
  - Free breakfast Saturday and Sunday included for members only* (Served 8-10 am)  

*Historic Fort Wayne policy

  All weekend non-members: $15 per adult, $1 per child up to 18  

Sunday only non-members: Free / Donations accepted

  Saturday Schedule  
  >Tyger Hunt 37<  
  Sunday Schedule  
  Roaring Wastes / Darkyard Fight Practice 1-5 pm  
  Archery Range open all day  
  9 am to 5 pm - Ale to the Victors Activities   
  9-10 am - Organize Teams  
  10 am - Open to public  
  10 am - Archery (All team members can shoot)  
  1030 am - Thrown Weapons  (All team members can throw)  
  11 am - Rapier Warlords Tourney (SAVE THE PIGS!)  

12 noon - Lunch Break (Grilled Brat meal - $5)

  1 pm - Service Obstacle Course  (All team members can try)  
  2 pm - A&S Mystery Box Challenge  
  3 pm - Armored Warlords Tourney (SAVE THE PIGS!)  
  345 pm - Youth Armored Tourney  
  4 pm - Closed to public  

6 pm - Site Closes








Event Steward:

Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel  
    hollyharpist at yahoo dot com    

Rapier Combat Marshal in Charge:

Warder Michael McCay  
    bmfiande at mtu dot edu    

Armored Combat Marshal in Charge:

Sergeant Vigfuss Mjoksiglandi  
    excessivenoise112 at yahoo dot com  

Youth Combat Marshal in Charge:

Master Nyilas Kazmer  

Archery Marshal in Charge:

Countess Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill  

Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge:

Lord Ivarr of Altenburg  
  6299 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209
  -Take your best route to exit 46 off of I-75
  -Turn South onto Livernois (One way road)
  -Drive past the quaint architecture facades that are unfortunately typical of Detroit
  -Livernois will take you straight to the security gate