Tyger Hunt 35


rapier combat


July 15, 2018




Rapier Combat Marshal in Charge: Warder Michael McCay


bmfiande at mtu dot edu




TIME LIST 1 - Adult LIST 2 - Youth LIST 3 Misc.
9:00 am Adult and Youth Rapier Lists open for inspections, authorizations, and sparring.
10:00 am Swiss Five Tourney (Bear Pit) Authorizations & Sparring Authorizations & Sparring
11:00 am Teacher/Student Tournament Teacher/Student Tournament Sparring
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm A Simple Tourney (Adult pools) A Simple Tourney (Youth pools) Sparring
2:00 pm Progressive Tournament Sparring Sparring
3:00 pm Cut & Thrust Double Elimination Tournament Sparring Sparring
4:00 pm Baronesses Patronage Tourney Baronesses Patronage Tourney Sparring
4:30 pm Lists close



Swiss Five Tourney

o Combatants must select the style which they will fence from their list of authorized styles, and may not use the same style again until they have used all of the other styles from their list. This process will repeat until the end of the tournament.

o Styles are: Single, Rapier and Dagger, Defensive Secondary, Case of Rapier, and Two-Handed Sword.

o A person with the Defensive Secondary authorization may choose to separate the use of Rapier with Rigid-Parry and Rapier with Non-Rigid Parry as styles for this tournament, making the maximum number of styles available to be 6.

o This tournament will be fought Bear-Pit style. Each combatant will provide the list minister/mistress with a list of fencing styles that they are authorized to compete in. Combatants will be awarded one point for each bout they fence and one point for each bout they win.

o An Adult pool and a Youth Approved/Youth pool will be available so that Division III Youth Fencers can participate.

o At the conclusion of the tournament, each fencer shall cast votes regarding:

1) Which fencer do you feel showed the most honor on the field?

2) Which fencer did you have the most fun fencing on the field?

o Once the votes have been added up, the fencer who won the prowess part of the tournament will be announced, along with the fencers who received the votes for most honorable and the fencer who received the votes for having the most fun on the field. These three fencers will then hold a final round robin (best of 3 passes) to determine the tourney winner.



Teacher/Student Tournament

o Pairs of fencers sign up as Teacher and Student. The students will fencer each other student for 3 passes. After each pass, the teacher will give their student pointers and observations. Students will earn 1 point for each pass they win.

o After completing the 3 passes against 1 opponent, the two teachers shall confer and discuss what advice they had given their students and how well they felt their students performed. Each Teacher shall decide if the opposing student should get a bonus point for learning and instruction. Thus, the total points a student could accumulate against each opponent would be 4 (Winning 3 passes + 1 bonus learning point). A student could lose all 3 passes and still receive a bonus point.

o The team with the highest score wins.



A Simple Tourney

o Everyone fights single rapier

o Fight each opponent 5 passes

o Report the number of passes you win to the list.

o The tourney will last for 30-45 minutes.

o Depending on the number of fencers, you may fence each opponent more than once.



Progressive Tourney

Fencers participating shall be split into the following groups: No Rapier Awards, AoA Level Rapier Awards (Cavendish Knots), GoA Level Rapier Awards (Bronze Rings), Masters (MoDs).

Those with no rapier awards shall fence each other in a round robin format. The top two (or 20%) of that pool shall advance to the next pool level of Rapier award participants. Each match shall be fought to best of 3 passes.



Cut and Thrust Double Elimination Tournament

This shall be a double elimination tournament, with the pairings assigned by the Marshal-In-Charge (or designated representative).

Each pairing shall fight the best of 3 passes to determine the winner.



Baronesses Patronage Tourney

All Baronesses (Landed or Court) are invited to attending a spectacle of prowess and honor on the Rapier list. Each Baroness will be given three tokens.

A Baroness may sponsor a fencer in the tournament by giving them one of the tokens. A Baroness may give all her tokens to one fencer or may split them between multiple fencers. Baronesses may give all their tokens at the beginning of a tournament or may reserve some for later portions of the tournament.

o Baronesses are encouraged to require some sort of service for their patronage. Some examples might be that the fencer must:

▪ Perform a song or poem

▪ Go retrieve an item

▪ Speak on a particular virtue

▪ Speak on the virtues of another present (The Baroness, their Lord or Lady, their opponent, etc.)

▪ The must fencer in a particular manor or with a particular weapon

When a fencer loses a match, they must turn over one of the tokens to their opponent. When a fencer runs out of tokens from their sponsoring Baroness, they are out of the tournament.

When a fence runs out of tokens from their Baroness, they may petition their Baroness for an additional token so that they may continue. The Baroness may require some sort of service before granting them another token (see list above).

The tournament ends when only one fencer remains with tokens from their sponsoring Baroness.